Connect Groups

Pastor Susan Eskelin

About: Transformational Prayer changes our hearts, prayer life and lives by cultivating listening to God.

Time: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month 10:00am-12 (followed by optional lunch)

Location: Image Church. Childcare available.

Demographics: For women of all ages

Robert Filimonchuk

About: Empowering young men to Reign in life and to be who God called us to be

Demographics: Men 20-30

Location: Lynnwood to Shoreline area

Victoria Barylskaya

About: This group is for women in their 20s that have a desire to grow in their faith, develop healthy friendships and understand their identity in Christ.

Demographics: Women in their 20s/early 30s

Time: Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm

Location: Greenwood

Lizeth Bonilla

Topic: Proverbs 31 Woman

Age demographics: 20 to 40

When: 2nd and 4th Friday of the month / 7:00 pm to 8:45pm

Location: Nosdrom Cafe Bistro in Lynnwood

As women, we are called to personify Jesus wisdom and unconditional love. Together we will spend time on each verse of this profound scripture and apply it to our own life. We are not alone on this journey and we must press on to be wise, strong, bold and to find joy in every season of our lives. God is with us!

Serge Chudak





Diana Chudak

About: This CG is for ladies who are raising (or plan to) blended families, step-kiddos, foster or adopted.

When: We will meet twice a month, the dates/times are tbd.

Jessica Filimonchuk

About: A group of young girls who aspire for more than just mediocre living; we laugh, cry, share our lives and have fun while doing it! Sharing our dreams and hopes while applying Biblical truths to make these dreams a reality.

Demographics: Ages 14-17.

When: Meet every other Sunday; location varies.

Margarita Filimonchuk

About: This Connect group focuses on sharing our lives together and being equipped to live and walk in our calling. Relationship/ equipping focused CG for girls 19-25 years old.

Date: every 2&4 Wednesday of the month

Time: 7pm

Location: varies

Leo Filimonchuk


Suzanna Filimonchuk

About: Our focus is to meet people in need and visit the sick.

Demographics: Women’s age from 40 to 50

When: Meet twice a month. We will also meet once every two months together with my husband’s CG for fellowship

Lena Fomenko

About: This CG is for moms with young children, where you get to bring them along with you. In a casual fellowship we share our experience as moms and talk about what we’ve learned. We also connect through reading the Word and praying for each other.

Demographics: Moms with young children

Time/date: Every other Wednesday at 10am.

Location: Lynnwood

Sosh & Lena Fomenko


Viktoriya Fortygin

About: Growing in our relationship with God, primarily focusing on Bible Study.

Time: TBD

Josh Gelzer

About: Strengthening young men’s faith and self image in Christ in order to build up young leaders in our church and community

Demographics: Young men 20 to 30

When: Meeting Sunday afternoons twice/month

Viktoria Ghyvoronsky

About: growing into our identity in God, learning about the Holy Spirit, and friendship.

Demographics: Girls, ages 16-26

When: Tuesdays around 7pm.

Location: varies

Mikhail Ghyvoronsky

About: This connect group is for building friendships all while being mentored in the process.

Demographics: Catered towards young men 18-35

When: We meet every other Wednesday at 7pm

Location: varies (Lynnwood and North Seattle)

Vlad Yagolnikov

About: A group of young men pursuing the study of God for the purpose of worship of God, and together discovering how we are to reign in life with our God-given purposes and gifts.
When: Every other Wednesday
Location: Lynnwood, Bothell, Snohomish
Demographic: young men, 20s

Masaki Yoshikawa

About: A guys connect group, to gather as friends,  enjoy life and support each other. Let’s grow our faith through the teachings of the Bible.

Richard Glinsky

About: Enjoy life, talk life, love Jesus. Realize and materialize your potential.

Who: Young men ages 17-19.

Time: Every other Tuesday evening.

Location: Ranges from coffee shops to the football/soccer field.

Vitaly Glinsky

About: How far are you willing to push yourself to achieve your goals in life and in business? 2017 is going to be big!

Demographics: Men, ages 18+

Location: varies

Vladik Gorbunov

About: Building faith, friendship and leadership by sharing Gods Word and our lives.

Time and day: Thursday at 6pm. Every other week. Starting February 2nd.

Pia Gorbunov

About: Digging deep in Gods word, as we grow in passion, faith, authority and confidence in our everyday lives.

Demographics: For married women on their 20s/30s.

When: We meet every other week, on Thursdays at 6:45pm in the lynnwood area.

Albina Petrus

About: I invite all moms of tween and teen daughters to join me in embracing the challenge of raising a woman after God’s own heart.

When: We will meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and one Saturday a month at 7pm.

Location: to be determined.

Eleonora Prikhodko

About: A Connect group focused on creating new friendships, enjoying life together, and equipping young girls.

When: Monday mornings or evenings (Twice a month)

Age: 14-17

Angelina Prikhodko

About: Chasing after Gods heart and equipping young ladies to pour water over the fires of their fears and gasoline on the passions of their dreams

When: 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, evenings

Age: young ladies 19-25

Serg Prikhodko


Yelena Prikhodko


Ben Reed

About: A Connect Group focused on walking in our identity and purpose. We will focus on building relationships and excelling in our professions.

Demographics: Married Men

When: Meet 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm

Location: varies (Bothell, Mill Creek, or Lynnwood)

Sara Reed

About: The group focus will be understanding your calling and identity. We will study John Bevere’s book, Good or God.

When/Where: A CG for women ages 20-35 beginning Tuesday, February 21st, at 8pm. We will meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month in my Everett home.

Angela Sergeyeva

About: A Connect Group focused on prayer.

For Russian speaking women, Age 50+

When: Meet every other Friday at the Image Church

Chris Storer

About: We are a group of guys in their 20’s & 30’s seeking to grow in Christ together and thrive in life.

When: We meet every other Tuesday, starting at 7pm – our meetings vary between Bible studies, movie nights, and fun activities. Come grow with us!

Nellie Vasiliev

About: A CG group based upon creating new friendships, growing in life together, and understanding our identities in Christ.

Demographics: Girls ages 12-16

When: Held every other Sunday of the month, right after church service